Obstetrical Care

What to Expect

Your first appointment will be scheduled with one of our medical assistants at which time she will take a comprehensive medical history and give you a welcome packet that contains many useful and helpful items.  After this visit, you will stop by our in house lab to have your prenatal lab work drawn by the phlebotomist.

Your next visit, approximately 2 weeks later, will be your first visit with the physician.  At this visit the physician will review the medical history taken at your first visit and perform a pelvic examination.  Your weight, blood pressure and urine will also be checked at this visit and all future visits.

Your next visit with the physician, 4 weeks later, begins your prenatal visits.  During the course of your prenatal visits, you will see all 5 physicians in the practice.  Because the physicians rotate their call schedule, there is no guarantee that a certain physician will be available at the time of your delivery and rotating with the physicians allows you the opportunity to become familiar with all of them prior to your delivery.  You will be seen every 4 weeks until your 30th week, every 2 weeks from 30-36 weeks and weekly from 36 weeks until delivery.  Please keep in mind, however, certain circumstances might necessitate the need to deviate from this schedule.